Congratulations Eze Green Company  Winners of #CGSB St. Lucia

Castries, Saint Lucia – The Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp island hop series recently concluded its stop in St.Lucia at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center.

Participants came from all over Saint Lucia, with ideas ranging from products to help efficiency in rural farming and Eco building materials to energy consulting services, energy efficiency and remote controlled greenhouses.This intense three-day event brings together climate-related experts to drive discussions on the challenges of Climate Change to inspire participants to generate business ideas, as solutions to the impact of climate change. Participants are exposed to the rudiments of developing a startup team and are provided mentorship from industry experts to improve their business concepts.

During the Boot Camp participants learned a lot through examples, experiences, and advice from industry experts from the idea generation session and throughout the mentorship segment. The start-ups lead by trainers from Launch Rocket based in Trinidad and Tobago were thought how to address the business aspects of their solutions and converting their climate impact idea into a fruitful and healthy business.

On the second day, the energy from the teams was still booming. With discussions and laughter being mixed with working with their mentors on improving upon their idea for their final pitch to the judges.

“I was bowled over by the ideas presented” exclaimed mentor Mrs. Barbara Jacobs-Small

At the end of the event, each team pitched their ideas to a panel of judges who selected the top three startups. The first place winner will receive an award of US$1000, while the second and third place winners will receive US$500 and US$250 respectively by the CCIC.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp Saint Lucia 1st place team Eze Green Company, 2nd place AgriTech and 3rd place EcoCarib Inc.I hope the enthusiasm and passion remain in each of the start-ups while they develop their companies for the next stage.

Next stop ANTIGUA & Barbuda!

54 Hours to Launch: CCIC’s Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp kicks off island hop-series

The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center kicks off preparations for its GreenTech Bootcamp Island hop series in July with its first stop in St. Lucia.

The bootcamp is perfect for entrepreneurs or startups whose climate saving solutions focuses renewable energy, energy efficiency, water/waste management, sustainable agribusiness and resource use efficiency and desires it their idea to the next level.
This event is a fantastic opportunity for participants to broaden their skills and knowledge.

We encourage anyone who is pitching for funding to come to this Bootcamp. You must apply by August 18 to be considered.

Bootcamp dates
22 August – 24 August 2016

Click to apply

Photo: Scene from Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp in Trinidad

CCIC Launches First Cleantech Accelerator in the Caribbean

“Innovation and technology have to be at the heart of progress,” said Mr. Sylvain Fabi, The High Commissioner of Canada

On 29th June 2016, the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) officially launched its flagship proof of concept accelerator program dubbed Launchit GreenTech at the Scientific Research Council in Kingston Jamaica. This innovative accelerator will assist in addressing the Caribbean’s need for scalable clean technology enterprises.

Launchit GreenTech selected entrepreneurs will benefit from a six-month curriculum which includes mentorship, business education, grant funding, prototype development, access to a regional network of cleantech experts and organizations and other forms of support designed specifically for early-stage cleantech startups. Further details on the accelerator program are available at

Due to the overwhelming demand received for such a program, the CCIC has reopened the call for applications on July 14, 2016, for a further intake of successful applicants.

Photo Above: (left) Mr. Sylvain Fabi, The High Commissioner of Canada, Mr. Yekini Wallen- Bryan, CEO, Preelabs (accelerator startup), Mrs. Marcia Henry, Interim Project Manager, CCIC

Could Aquaponics be the future for growing food in Jamaica?

“Being able to see my hard work paid off at the end of the day when I see those crops is really a blessing.”Alicia Williams, CEO, Aquaponics Jamaica

It has been called the future of farming because of how much water it saves.  Aquaponics is the marriage of aquaculture — fish farming — and hydroponics — vegetable farming without soil. This technology, used for raising fish and plants together in a recirculating system, is gaining attention around the world and now in Jamaica thanks to a self-driven young farmer and entrepreneur named Alicia Williams.
Although not a new process Williams and her team has tailored the system to fit Caribbean farming. This model allows users to exhaust fewer resources such as land and water while capitalizing on other climatic conditions that are good for crop production. With a compact packaging system in mind, the complete aquaponics system can be purchased and installed for use in both urban and rural areas.


Illustration of how a small Aquaponics system works

We are indeed blessed to reside in a country where its summer all year round, however, there is a downside to this tropical luxury one of which affects the livelihood of farmers daily, from lengthy periods of drought resulting in low-quality crops to pests along with non-farming periods due to farming superstitions.

Williams, who’s been a farmer all her life became tired of the climatic challenges, daily tedious farming activities associated with crop growing and waiting for the stars to align decided to research a process that would make farm life simpler while generating higher yields.

“Ever since I have known myself I have wanted to start a business of my own,” said Williams.

With the desire and drive to start her own business coupled with her love for agriculture, an aquaponics system which provided a solution for higher yield, good quality crops while remaining organic was a perfect fit for Williams.

As with many small businesses aiming to grow there are many challenges on the road to success. To compensate Williams has been on the hunt entering as many competitions and applying for as much grants as she can to raise capital. Team Aquaponics Jamaica placed second in Jamaica’s Caribbean GreenTech Bootcamp competition and its sub-division counterpart Rabb-Eats; recently placed fourth in the national business model competition.

Williams, who currently successfully juggles both running a business and a regular day job, have not allowed the pitfalls of being a small business owner deter her dream of helping to stabilize the Jamaican food industry by limiting the importation of agricultural goods.

As a younger person building a career, you have to be cognizant of the fact that even though your business is growing; you need an income you can expect every month said, Williams.
Alicia encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to follow their passion and not to be intimidated by the business world or the current economic climate. She pleads for them to keep searching and always reach out to the various networks.

When I entered into aquaponics, I didn’t know much about the technology but I knew about farming much of Aquaponics success to date is due to the support received from my team said, Williams “Don’t enter into business because you want to start a business. Be sure of what you want to do, be confident about it, do a lot of research and form a team around you that can help you with your shortcomings. Then go for it! The world is your oyster as they say”.

Team Aquaponics from left: Dr. Stephen Rhoden, Alicia Williams, Karima-Deen SupriaO’Brian Clarke, Kimar Edwards and Shae Tongee Stewart

Aquaponics is a cool idea. There’s something appealing about using the waste from the fish to feed the plants. Producing food near to where it is consumed sounds logical; the food will be fresh, and you save money on transport.

Could our current agricultural dilemma present an aquaponics moment? Thanks to technology, demand, and entrepreneurial ambition, that wouldn’t surprise even the skeptics.
For more information on Aquaponics Jamaica and your hands on one of these systems visit:
Facebook: AquaponicsJamaica
Twitter: AquaponicsJm

Until next time,
Cashyaka McDonald
Marketing Officer
Caribbean Climate Innovation Center




Applications are now open for CCIC’s LaunchIT GreenTech Accelerator Program until June 14th. If you have specific questions about your company and whether you would benefit from our program, please contact us.

#GreenTechTT is a Wrap! And the winners are..

On May 22, The Center for Enterprise Development were hosts for the second staging of the Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp where the top Trinidad and Tobago entrepreneurs pitched their best green technology ideas aimed to mitigate climate change in less than fifty-four hours. The quality of the presentations by the participating teams within such a short space of time was beyond impressive.
Don’t give up on your idea if it doesn’t work, said Liaquat Ali Shah, CEO, Cariri.
Based on the passion and drive shown by each team from this weekend’s event shows immense potential on what they will do with their business concept. Entrepreneurship is critical economic empowerment initiative for the Caribbean on a hold, and the fact each team decided to participate in this event makes them all winners. All participating teams will have a chance to enter the upcoming accelerator program and are strongly urged to apply to develop their business.

Lastly, an honorable mention goes out to the People’s Choice winners Team Total High clothing who business concept aims to bring awareness to hemp through clothing.

The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center once more congratulates all the winners and big thanks to all those who participated in the Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp and made it a success.

Next stop LaunchIT GreenTech Accelerator!

Team Sustainable Foods winners of CGSB T&T

3 Reasons Your Startup Should Join a Cleantech Accelerator

Is it worth it? That’s the question you ask yourself when the day finally arrives for your idea to get recognized as a valid business opportunity. Just moments before applying you begin to doubt yourself, comparing your idea with others, convincing yourself again and again that you won’t be selected … then to hoping that you would be.


You got selected to spend 6 months amongst the best mentors, become a part of an amazing community and then some.

Still pondering should I click send or should I go on watching Shark Tank and keep hoping? 

Want my suggestion? Just click send already

Guess you’re still in doubt, well; here are 3 benefits of joining a cleantech startup accelerator:

1. Acceleration
You believe you have a good idea, and potentially a great business and you want to accelerate the discovery of whether this is true or not.
It’s not about the capital you attract at this point but the manner in which you work on your ideas and how fast you execute them. Because you want to be ready and the best you can be for demo day and you are aware that the minute you walk into an accelerator the countdown begins. 

2. Mentorship
Quality mentorship is a secret sauce behind a great accelerator. Being given direct access to a network of top industry specific professionals who share their experiences, provide feedback, and guidance can really accelerate your business.

3. Network
As a true entrepreneur, you seek out and seize new markets and business opportunities as you are constantly on the prowl for the next big thing; it’s in your DNA.
By leveraging the network a cleantech accelerator can provide, you are short-cutting your lengthy business development process and rapidly accelerating your startup. If your product is great, you can turn introductions into customers and quickly grow your revenue in a shorter period of time.

Together we can shorten your roadmap and accelerate your startup for success. Let us assist you in achieving more for your business you decide what ‘more’ means to you.

Hope this helps. Go ahead and apply. You’ll rock it!

 Cashyaka McDonald
Marketing Officer
Caribbean Climate Innovation Center

Applications are now open for CCIC’s LaunchIT GreenTech Accelerator Program until June 14th. If you have specific questions about your company and whether you would benefit from our program, please contact us.  Click to Apply