AND HERE’S THE PITCH: Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp Island Hop Wraps Up

The Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp Island- Hop series concluded on December 3, 2016, in Dominica. Roots Herbal Smart Farm emerged, with its line of all natural skin products, emerged as the victor.

“The bootcamp — what can I say? It was a very intense program.  You know I felt like my head was bursting at a certain point but I hang in there and I kept focused, and I executed, just naturally, because of the project or the work I embarked on — I am very passionate about it, so it came from the bosom to the audience. I thank the organizers of the bootcamp for the opportunity” said Reynold Deschamps, founder, Rootz Herbal Smart Farm

This intense bootcamp series kicked off at the end of August 2016 starting off in St. Lucia then onwards to Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belize and the lasts stop in Dominica. The respective GreenTech innovator’s victors are:

 Eze Green Energy Company (Saint Lucia) produces biodiesel from waste vegetable oil

The Local App (Antigua & Barbuda) a one-stop go-to information source for everything and anything cleantech locally in any country.

SHU (Barbados) a smart mosquito repellent monitored through a software app

 Earth Builders (Belize) – construction company using cleantech technology

 Rootz Herbal Smart Farm (Dominica)- A clean technology operated farm which focuses on the generation of all natural skin care products.

Throughout the Boot Camp, each of the several dozen attendees worked to refine their business ideas with the information they acquired from Local and international experts. Participants also received feedback on their concepts and plans from a network of industry experts acting mentors. For the final pitch session, which highlighted the Boot Camp’s team’s progress to date, panelists came from various business and cleantech sectors.

The pitching sessions showed a diversity of green technologies being cultivated across the region, including devices, nutraceuticals, apps, aqua/hydroponic farms, energy solutions, among others for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Hon. Tracy Taegar-Panton, Belize Minister of Economic Development, bootcamp specially invited speaker and guest, said, “all CARICOM countries are directly benefitting from this Green Tech Start Up boot camp Island Tech series.

Dominica Public Awareness Officer in the Environmental Coordinating Unit, Jahisiah Benoit hailed CCIC GreenTech bootcamp.  “This is a new approach to business development,” he said. “Often we only hear about business development regarding business plan and access to credit, but here we can think of business in terms of being a way to ensure that Dominica can meet its sustainable development goals.”

Benoit continued, “It is a means of ensuring a way that entrepreneurs can be the change they want to see in the economy and create employment for themselves and their peers.”

This year’s participants are the first to experience the Boot Camp curriculum, and the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center will continue to improve upon our materials and will continue to support our GreenTech entrepreneurs through mentoring and more events to enable them to refine their business concepts further.

Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp participants received a certificate of completion and may compete in upcoming events being hosted by the Center.


For information about CCIC upcoming 2017 events, contact and for live updates like and follow our social media pages

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