What better way to travel than being a local

Meet the Winners of CGSB Antigua & Barbuda

With entrepreneurship booming across the Caribbean cleantech-focused events such as this is novel to the region, but Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp proves that clean technology startups are providing the fuel for this explosion of creativity.

As part of our island-hop series, we have completely been blown away as we set out to find the next best clean technology startup in Antigua & Barbuda. We were inundated with top quality entries from aquaponics farms, retrofitted electric powered engines and innovative products that are all looking to disrupt and improve the way we address climate mitigation and adaptation.

After a fantastic response from entrepreneurs and startup founders, we would like to congratulate Team Local the winners of Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp Antigua & Barbuda. Their solution the local app is a one-stop go-to information source for everything and anything cleantech locally in any country.

The reasons Local App took the top prize are comprehensive. Primarily, the app is a great concept that founder, Elijah James has thoroughly thought out and researched and is committed to turning it into a viable business. Before starting to build his product Elijah has gone through the essential first steps – from identifying a clear market opportunity to validating the app’s initial concept with customer research and a wealth of supportive data and information. And of course, we also love that the idea is integrated, promotes linkages with various entities and targets people of all ages from all walks of life.

Photo: Local App founder Elijah James

Importantly for us, the Local team has a very clear view on what they need help with, when and how. As the winners, their reward inclusive of the grant of US$1000 includes automatic entry into the center’s Accelerator program.

Second place of US$500 went to AquaponicsAnu whose aquaponics solution aim to make organic food cheaper. Third place of US$250 went to team FruitGO whose innovation focused on preventing food wastage using solar energy to dry fruits.

Third place of US$250 went to team FruitGO whose innovation focused on preventing food wastage using solar energy to dry fruits.

These startups are opening up opportunities where before there were only obstacles. We will be following up with Elijah for a closer look at the Local App and why we’ll all soon be using it to find all things cleantech across the Caribbean. Next stop #GreenTechBdos!

See you on October 14th

1st place winners Team Local App from left : Andrew Watt, Seimone Joseph, and Elijah James
2nd place winners Team AquaponicsAnu from left:  Dr. Evelyn Weekes, Devin Odlum, and Jason Fleming
3rd Place winners FruitGo from left: Saran King, Vincent Derrick, and Lionel Walker

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