#GreenTechTT is a Wrap! And the winners are..

On May 22, The Center for Enterprise Development were hosts for the second staging of the Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp where the top Trinidad and Tobago entrepreneurs pitched their best green technology ideas aimed to mitigate climate change in less than fifty-four hours. The quality of the presentations by the participating teams within such a short space of time was beyond impressive.
Don’t give up on your idea if it doesn’t work, said Liaquat Ali Shah, CEO, Cariri.
Based on the passion and drive shown by each team from this weekend’s event shows immense potential on what they will do with their business concept. Entrepreneurship is critical economic empowerment initiative for the Caribbean on a hold, and the fact each team decided to participate in this event makes them all winners. All participating teams will have a chance to enter the upcoming accelerator program and are strongly urged to apply to develop their business.

Lastly, an honorable mention goes out to the People’s Choice winners Team Total High clothing who business concept aims to bring awareness to hemp through clothing.

The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center once more congratulates all the winners and big thanks to all those who participated in the Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp and made it a success.

Next stop LaunchIT GreenTech Accelerator!

Team Sustainable Foods winners of CGSB T&T

3 Reasons Your Startup Should Join a Cleantech Accelerator

Is it worth it? That’s the question you ask yourself when the day finally arrives for your idea to get recognized as a valid business opportunity. Just moments before applying you begin to doubt yo…

Source: 3 Reasons Your Startup Should Join a Cleantech Accelerator

3 Reasons Your Startup Should Join a Cleantech Accelerator

Is it worth it? That’s the question you ask yourself when the day finally arrives for your idea to get recognized as a valid business opportunity. Just moments before applying you begin to doubt yourself, comparing your idea with others, convincing yourself again and again that you won’t be selected … then to hoping that you would be.


You got selected to spend 6 months amongst the best mentors, become a part of an amazing community and then some.

Still pondering should I click send or should I go on watching Shark Tank and keep hoping? 

Want my suggestion? Just click send already

Guess you’re still in doubt, well; here are 3 benefits of joining a cleantech startup accelerator:

1. Acceleration
You believe you have a good idea, and potentially a great business and you want to accelerate the discovery of whether this is true or not.
It’s not about the capital you attract at this point but the manner in which you work on your ideas and how fast you execute them. Because you want to be ready and the best you can be for demo day and you are aware that the minute you walk into an accelerator the countdown begins. 

2. Mentorship
Quality mentorship is a secret sauce behind a great accelerator. Being given direct access to a network of top industry specific professionals who share their experiences, provide feedback, and guidance can really accelerate your business.

3. Network
As a true entrepreneur, you seek out and seize new markets and business opportunities as you are constantly on the prowl for the next big thing; it’s in your DNA.
By leveraging the network a cleantech accelerator can provide, you are short-cutting your lengthy business development process and rapidly accelerating your startup. If your product is great, you can turn introductions into customers and quickly grow your revenue in a shorter period of time.

Together we can shorten your roadmap and accelerate your startup for success. Let us assist you in achieving more for your business you decide what ‘more’ means to you.

Hope this helps. Go ahead and apply. You’ll rock it!

 Cashyaka McDonald
Marketing Officer
Caribbean Climate Innovation Center

Applications are now open for CCIC’s LaunchIT GreenTech Accelerator Program until June 14th. If you have specific questions about your company and whether you would benefit from our program, please contact us.  Click to Apply

Bet you left your lights on!

Young Jamaican entrepreneurs leading the way in Jamaica’s clean technology space

It’s beyond any doubt climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. From across the globe, we can feel its effects from an inability to access necessities such as food and water, decreased crop yields and an excess demand for energy.

Today, electricity accounts for thirty percent of energy consumption in Jamaica.

With each “Blackout” oh yes the power company puns. There is a flicker of hope that reassures us that even in the darkest of times the smallest actions or in this case devices can have a big impact on our lives for years to come.

While some products on the market allow users to monitor electricity usage through kilowatts usage, very few internationally, unknowns if any locally provides a completely automatize monitoring and control device. But, the energy monitoring invention dubbed “Plug N Pree” does exactly this, providing users real-time kilowatts usage and comprehensive monetary service providers’ rates from any electronic device anywhere in the world, while acting as a motion detecting home security system using a simple mobile app. Additionally, the device features a behavior pattern recognition component which turns household devices connected, on or off based on users habits.

plugnpreeIllustration of Plug ‘N’ Pree prototype, the device uses Wi-Fi and built-in motion sensing technology to allow users to control the device over distances.

This invention is the brainchild of the recently held Caribbean GreenTech Startup bootcamp in Jamaica, winning team composing of Jordan Northover, Phillip Logan, Kenneth Williams, Yekini Wallen-Bryan, Trevaun Miller, Chadwick Barclay, Kashif Ford and Ashlé Henriques.

 Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with the captain and founder of team Plug ‘N’ Pree, Yekini Wallen-Bryan following his team’s victory. Wallen-Bryan stated that the bootcamp inspired the development of the Plug ‘N’ Pree device which was an earlier concept amongst his team’s inventory. The bootcamp provided a platform for them to fine-tune and display their skills as innovators.

Wallen-Bryan who considers himself as both innovator and entrepreneur has always been inclined to areas of energy and product development which resulted in his decision to major in renewable energy. With the formation of a team of likeminded peers, along with his background in electronics, team Plug ‘N’ Pree began using their skills to implement energy-related solutions.

“The most satisfying moment thus far is the progress the team has made in developing our prototype”, said Wallen-Bryan. “Sometimes opportunities present themselves and you might not feel ready for it, but it’s always best to try making the most out of the opportunities that are presented to you”.

“Many persons heard about the competition and doubted their own ability and believed they didn’t have anything to bring to the table, they couldn’t win”, said Wallen-Bryan. “But that didn’t dither neither my team nor I, win or lose, the bootcamp was a great avenue to work on our concept and get it out there and see what others were doing and creating. This was one of the greatest lessons learnt thus far and it has impacted greatly how I work and approach novel paths”, said Wallen-Bryan.

Before parting, I asked Yekini if he had any advice for individuals seeking to follow the path he and his team have chosen. And he stated, “Do not allow the feeling of doubt to get the betterment of your judgement. If you have an idea or believe something can work, give it your all even if you may come up short, the rewards received and lessons learnt will be invaluable and it will prepare you for the next step”.

The team recently competed in a robotics competition in which they placed third internationally. Currently, they are working on finalizing their prototype interface and application design for market release and the upcoming accelerator program. All while juggling finals, improving their applications and tackling other projects. “Nothing, as it is right now, would have been possible without the input of every single individual involved. Not just the team members, but our family members, friends, CCIC and everyone who’s encouraged the development of Plug & Pree, whether it is through physical or verbal support”, said Wallen-Bryan. “We are looking to form the company as soon as possible and getting legal consultations through the help of CCIC. We’ve decided on the name preeLabs”.

There are many recipes for  forming a winning team. The important thing is to establish one and make building a positive culture and a winning team your top priority. Team Plug ‘N’ Pree is proof that is a reality.                                                                                                       

For updates on Team Plug ‘N’ Pree, you can contact Yekini at y.wallenbryan@gmail.com. 

We all have a role to play in building a brighter future – just don’t leave your lights on

Until next time,                                                                                                                                

Cashyaka McDonald

Marketing Officer

Caribbean Climate Innovation Center