#GreenTechTT is a Go! Entrepreneurs geared up for Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp T&T

On the evening of Thursday 7th April 2016, Trinidadian entrepreneurs came out in droves for the Idea generation session of the CCIC’s Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp Trinidad and Tobago, hosted by Cariri at the Center for Enterprise Development. The purpose of the event was to provide attendees with market insights and current needs within Trinidad and Tobago clean Technology space from industry experts in electricity, water, and agriculture, to inspire participants to start generating ideas and design processes. The session also provided participants a chance to meet and network these experts along with fellow attendees.
The venue was filled with curiosity and excitement from attendees and panelists alike. The session opened with discussions on the current market needs for the region and what steps needs to be taken to bridge the gap between problem and solution creation within the area.
The interactive discussion was seemingly well received by the attendees and got everyone thinking a little differently regarding ways to tackle the current issues with their questions and the described solutions to the market needs.
After the talks, a short group activity saw people create some innovative concepts such as a device to provide electricity to homes in rural areas during an emergency. It was a fun way to get people thinking about how to combine natural resources, waste materials, and technology ahead of the bootcamp, which will be held on Friday, May 20th at the Center for Enterprise Development. There was an opportunity to pitch their business concepts at the end of the session as well as a social mingle to celebrate a successful day of solution creation and discussion.
Overall, the idea generation session was a success and proves Trinidad & Tobago is ready for #GreentechTT which is set for May 20 – 22, 2016.
See you There!